This project is made by Android technology from 3i company (from 12/2012 to 3/2013).


I.   The system includes (Description)

In this project have main functions following.

    -   Display your friends on the map and showing where your friend stay.

    -   Capture the image, crop image, and show on the map

    -   Record my voice to greeting.

    -   Play small game with friend

    -   Show information about friend’s country.

    -   Dancing with friends

    -   Capture composite with friends on the world

II.   Main Screens

   1.   Start the app

         + You select Irocchi: It go to on the map to meet some friends at that you can take a picture, view friend’s picture and know where your friend come…

         + You select Education:    - You can make avatar it the same small game

                                                -   You play fish game.





2.   Show map for me and for friends



3.   Record the voice to greeting






4.   Capture my image (Irocchi)



5.   Crop image



6.     Show My friends on the map



7.     Plying with friends



8.     Greeting 



9.   Greeting


10.   Education




11.   Play small game







12.   Play fish game







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