This project is made by Android technology from 3i company(from 10/2013 to 12/2013). It is a schedule management app read newspapers and news updates.

 I send to you the news of today that can be read in three minutes

I read the topic " Entertainment ", " Sports ", " social " and " economic " , the season of the wide range of fields together . Free basic news app Gunosy of Smartphone ( Gunosy)

Intact, morning - evening paper that can read the topic that was in the interest will be delivered more news

  •   You can get a must-see news in the morning and evening
  •   Breaking news comes flying
  •   Topic , cover a wide range of information such as Entertainment / Sports / column current affairs story

- Main features and how it is used

- Check summarized topics such as entertainment , sports, Gourmet , social and economic


 -   You can get a topic that was in the interest of your


-   Send your like and comment to facebook, twitter …


- Create and save your profile


 -  Looking for your friend profile


-   Before going to sleep at night and morning commute , let's check the news on Gunosy by the time you are free

-   Gunosy as a top choice

-   Who do not have time to look through all the news

-   The one I think it annoying to search for news

-   If you want to collect efficiently news in every day

-   The person who wants to find blogs , news, breaking news , interesting articles and market , from the editorial.

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